May 2020

We have a great range of merchandise and souvenirs for sale at the Balranald Visitor Information Centre.

We are proud to be able to supply local Aboriginal Art products such as serving platters, painted emu eggs, boomerangs and other pieces of artwork.

Locally made products and produce, T Shirts, jumpers, vests, hats and beanies - no matter what time of the year we have you covered.

All items are availabe to purchase by contacting the Visitor Centre on or phone 03 5020 1599. 

We are available to take phone orders 10am to 4pm Mon to Fri. Arrangements will be made for pickup when ordering.

Items can be posted but postage is at purchasers expense.

May Specials  
Robinvale Estate Products- short dated

Caramelised Fig Balsamic now $12.95 (1 Left)

Kalamata (1 Left) & Jumbo Chilli Olives (4 left) now $6.50

250ml Murray Gold Olive Oil now $6.50
(One left)
We still have plenty of
Locally Grown Pistachios
200g Bags
Best before Date April 2020
Reduced to $4.95 Each
Kids Royal Blue Bucket Hats
​Now $15.00 Each
Balranald Jackets​
Navy, Red or Black
​$45.00 for May
​Gardeners First Aid Kit - Contains
Bandaids, tick remover and tweezers.
​$5.00 Each
Kids T-shirts
Available in 4 sizes: 
Red, Purple, Khaki and Navy
Sizes range from 0 -10
$19.95 Each
Three Colours availalable:
Red & Black sizes Sm - 2XL
Navy sizes Sm - XL
 On Sale for $45.00 for May
Adult Polo Shirts
Adult Beanies
Available in 5 Colours:
Ladies are available in Pink, White, Red & Black Sizes 10 -20
Mens available in Red & Black Sizes Sm - 3XL and Indigo Sizes Lge - 3XL
$32.95 Each
Available in Two Colours:
Red & Black
$12.95 Each
Available in a variety or colours and styles:
$15.95 Each
Three Colours Available:
Red & Black sizes Sm, Md, XL & 2XL
Forest Green sizes Sm, Md, Lge, 2XL & 3XL
$39.95 Each
Cute Socks
We have a variety of mostly animal socks- one size fits most.
Koalas, Kangaroos, Cockatoos and Boomerangs $7.95 Each
Hooded Jumpers 
Avilable in Sizes Sm - 5XL
​$45.00 Each


Large Serving Boards

Hand painted by Local Aboriginal Artist 
Louise Murray

$85.00 Each

​Made locally by Aboriginal Artist Mitchell Chilly
Emu Caller $49.95
Boomerangs $19.95
Painted Coolamons $59.95
Clap Sticks $44.95
Unpainted Coolamon $49.95
​Small bowls $44.95

Small Serving Boards

Hand painted by local Aboriginal Artist 
Louise Murray
Round: $25.00
Square: $25.00
Rectangle: $30.00

Emu Eggs

Hand painted By local Aboriginal Artist 
Louise Murray
$75.00 Each

Catapilla Dreaming

Hand Painted locally on canvas by
"Miss Emily Aboriginal Art"
Artist: Ali S


Mans Ceremony

Hunting & Cooking

"Mans Ceremony in the Middle of the Day"
Hand Painted Locally on canvas by 
"Miss Emily Aboriginal Art"
​Artist: Calinda Egan


"Hunting & Cooking at the Campsite"
Hand Painted (unframed) locally by "Miss Emily Aboriginal Art"
Artist: Phyllis Egan


Waterhole Camping

Set of Two paintings.
Hand Painted locally by "Miss Emily Aboriginal Art"
Artist: Calinda Egan

$200 the Set

We have a Colourful new range of Aboriginal Art products below to choose from by Local Artist Robyn Davis.
Micks Rusty Relics
Fly Swatter
Air Fresheners

The Whacker - Fly Swatter
​$5.95 each
We have a cool range or car air fresheners.
Night Owl: Berry Scented
Kool Koala: Eucalyptus
​$2.50 Each
Duck and Owl $80 Each
Cow $90
Frog to Prince
Plush Frogs

Fill with water and watch as the frog grows into a handsome prince
$5.95 Each

These cute little guys are soft and cuddly and only $9.95 each.
Available in Tea Tree & Eucalyptus
$3.50 Each
Made in Australia
Frog Candles - Jasmine Scented
Available in three Colours: Green, Grey and Black.
$4.95 Each
Koala Eco Bags
These cute little reusable bags fold up for easy storage in you handbag etc
Available in three colours: Pink, Blue & Grey
​$7.95 Each
Available: Time to Relax Frog, Friendship Frog, Live Life to the Fullest Frog & Jump for Joy Kangaroo
​$9.95 Each
Frog Travel Mug
Available in three Designs:
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Galah, & Crimson Rosella
​$7.95 Each
$9.95 each
Murray River Salt
We have a variety of Robinvale Estate Jams including Mixed Berry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry and Fig & Orange $6.95 Each
Box: $9.95 Each
​Canister: $7.95 Each
Tea/Coffee Range
We have Australian Outback Tea - Loose leaf 30g $5.95
Australian Bushland Tea - Tea Bags - 15 Bags per tin $5.95
Bushland Coffee - 30g $5.95
We have two yummy pastes which go very well with Cheese and Bikkies -
Fig & Orange and Apricot $7.95 Each
Olive Satchels
Pressed Olive Oil
We have two varietys in stock - Green Manzanillo and Green Olives with Garlic & Herbs $5.95 each (160g)
Garlic, Chilli, Orange and Lemon.
$13.95 Each

Olive Tapenade
We have Regular and Green Olive with Chilli $9.50 Each
Balsamic & Oregano, Garlic & Parmesan, Orange & Poppyseed, Honey & Mustard, Honey,Soy & Garlic
​$14.95 Each
Caramelised Balsamic 
Manzanillo, Green Manzanillo, Sevillano and Marinated $8.95 Each
Plain Balsamic, Tomato, Onion, Fig, Blueberry, Strawberry & Orange, Raspberry
​$16.95 Each
Plain & Curry
​$13.95 Each
Strawberry Sauce
Olive Oil
8.95 Each
Murray Gold 
250ml $8.95, 500ml $12.95
Late Harvest
250ml $8.95, 500ml $12.95
6cm $3.50
8cm $4.95
5.5cm $3.50
Mini $1.00
On Lilypad $1.50
Cute Frogs
​$4.95 Each
Marble Look Frogs
​$6.95 each
8cm Lucky/Happy Frogs
$5.50 Each
7cm Lucky Frogs
$4.95 Each
10cm Cute Garden Frogs
$6.95 Each
11cm Bobble Head Frog
$8.50 Each
17cm Meditating Hippy Frog
$14.95 Each
8cm Frog with Sign
​$6.95 Each
10cm Yoga Wording Frogs
​$5.95 Each
12cm Frog on Log
​$8.95 Each
10cm Green Marble Yoga Frogs
​$6.95 Each
13cm Frog Family
​$12.95 Each
Frog Lovers
​$14.95 Each
Yoga Frogs
​$12.95 Each
Celebrity Frogs
18cm Frog Family on Bench & Frog Couple on Bench
​$21.95 Each
18cm Motorbike Frog
6 frogs on Log
$32.95 Each
34cm Welcome Frog
​$19.95 Each
28cm Welcome Frog on Rock
​$15.95 Each
58cm Metal Welcome Frog 
​$29.95 Each
26cm Biker Frog on Red Bike
​$29.95 Each
32cm Posing Yoga Frog
​$39.95 Each
33cm Garden frog Bird Feeder
​$27.50 Each
Tin Frog Tealight Candle Holders
​$3.95 Each
32cm Metal/Glass Frog Wall Art
​$25.95 Each
36cm Glass/Metal Frog Plaque
​$23.95 Each
31cm Multi-Coloured Frog Wall Art
​$14.95 Each
20cm Multi Coloured Frog Wall Art
(Also available in Red)
$16.95 Each
Pressed Metal Gecko 
​$13.95 Each
20cm Metal/Glass Orange Lizard Wall Art
​$10.95 Each
22cm Blue Fairy Wren Wall Art
​$16.95 Each
54cm Frog on Lilypad Windchimes $15.95 Each
22cm Fairy Wren Spinner $15.00 Each
Fairy Wren, Pelican
$1.50 Each
Kookabuura, Kangaroo, Koala, Rainbow Lorikeet & Lizards $1.00 Each
Frog Napkin Ring $7.95 
Sm frog Brooch $3.95
Frog Diamante Keyring $6.50
Frog Zipper Pull $9.95 (Green or Orange)
​Leather Frog Keyring $10.95 (Blue)

Tea Towel
Kitchen Handtowel
Crochet Top Kitchen Hand Towel Crafted locally.
Two Designs - Blue Tongue Lizard and Kookaburra.
$5.95 Each
Plain Colour Tea Towels with frogs  Crafted Locally.
Colours available: Red, Blue. Green, Black and Brown.
$8.00 Each
Hand Towel
2 Piece Set
Plain Colour matching Hand Towel and Face Washer Set with frogs
Crafted Locally.
Colours Available: Green & Yellow
$15.95 Each
Plain Colour Hand Towels with frogs.
Crafted Locally.
Colours Available: Orange,Yellow & Purple
$9.95 each
Face Washer Set
Frog Hair Clips

Plain Colour Face Washer with frogs and two mini soaps.
Crafted Locally.
Colours Available: Light Brown & Dark Drown
$5.95 each
Assorted Colours
Crafted locally.
$2.00 Each
Frog Beanies
Knitted Frog Bags
Childrens Frog Beanies
Hand Knitted Locally.
​$9.95 Each
Locally knitted Frog bag - ideal for children.
​$9.95 Each
Balranald Heritage Pictorial
By Russell Bodinnar
Bes - the Best of Two Worlds
By C.P. Gibson
Mungo National Park
(photo book)
By Pete Dobre
Mungo National Park Guidebook
By Allan Fox
Murray-Darling Journeys
By Angela & Mike Bremers
Lette -The Railway that Never Opened
By Ian & Sophia Dodd
Following Burke & Wills Across Australia 
A Touring Guide
By Dave Phoenix
A Bush kid's Life
By Annette Hepburn
The Caravan & Camping Cookbook
By Catherine Proctor
Mad Cars Disease 1 & 2
By Stephanie McCarthy & Maurice Linehan Design​$19.95 Each
Australian Verse for the Very Young & The Book of Australian Nursery Rhyme
By Bindi Bindi Publishing
​$27.95 Each

State Maps
Australia Maps
Available: NSW, VIC, SA, QLD
​$12.95 Each
Large $12.95 Each
Handy $9.95 each
Handy Maps
Other Items
Available: NSW, VIC, SA, NT, WA, QLD  & TAS
$9.95 Each
Camps 10 $64.95
Australia handy Atlas $24.95
Koala Hill Writing Pads
Koala Hill Fridge/Memo Pad
These handy little note pads have a magnetic strip on the back to allow them to be kept on the fridge.
Available in the following designs: Frog, Major Mitchell Cockatoo, Pelican, Koala, Kookaburra, Kangaroo, Wren.
$4.95 Each
Writing Pads available in the following designs: Frog, Major Mitchell Cockatoo, Fairy Wren, Kookaburra, Koala & Kangaroo.
$5.95 Each.
Koala Hill Note Cards
Koala Hill Greeting Cards
Comes as a box of 6 of the same design cards. 
Available in the Following Designs:
Major Mitchell Cockatoo, Frog, Kookaburra, Kangaroo & Rainbow Lorikeet.
​$9.95 Each
Individual Gift Cards.
Available in the following designs: Frog, Kookaburra, Major Mitchell Cockatoo, Owl, Fairy Wren & Rainbow Lorikeet.
​$3.95 Each.
Koala Hill Bookmarks
Koala Hill Wrapping Paper
Available in the following Designs:
​Major Mitchell Cockatoo, Frog, Fairy Wren, Rainbow Lorikeet & Pelican
​$1.95 Each
Available in the Following Designs:
Fairy Wren, Kookaburra, Koala & Major Mitchell Cockatoo.
​$2.95 Each
Jan Lawler Cards
Jan Lawler Items
Available in the following Designs:
"A Family Affair", "Hats R Us", "Ben, Sam &  Jacko" and "Teamwork"
​$3.50 Each
Anniversary Calendar $15.95 Each
​Chookmark $2.95 Each
Recycled Paper Gift Cards
Flippin' Fun Note Pads
Available in the following Designs:
Snake, Geckos, Kangaroos & Frog
$3.95 Each
Available in the following Designs:
Climbing Koala, Kangaroo & Jumpin' Joey, Go-Go Goanna & Hungry Echidna
​$3.95 Each
Aboriginal Art Cards
Aboriginal Art Cards
Hand Made by Miss Emily Aboriginal Art
$5.95 Each
Made By Jenny Murray-Jones
​$4.00 Each
Construction Postcards
Oztrology Cards
These make a wonderful gift.
Available in the following designs:
Kangaroo, Butterfly, Red Back Spider,
Koala, Emu, Cockatoo, Frill Neck Lizard, Frog, Wren, Kookaburra, Rainbow Lorikeet, Owl, Black Cockatoo, Magpie, Christmas Koala & Christmas Gum Leaf Tree
​$4.95 Each

Oztrology Cards are one of our most popular items:
Available in 12 Designs - Covering every year from 1910 - 2029
There is one for everyone.
$4.95 Each
      Sand Frogs
Sand Geckos
    Other Sand Critters
Available in the Following Sizes:
Long Legged $15.95
Medium $9.95
Small $7.95
Baby $5.95
Available in the following Sizes:
Medium $9.95
Small $7.95
Baby $5.95
Available in the Following:
Snake $8.95
Small Kangaroo $7.95
Small Turtle $7.95
Available in the following :
$5.95 Each
Available in the following :
$6.50 Each
Stubby Holders
Available in three designs:
Birds of Australia
Frogs Downunder
$5.95 Each
Available in two colours
Black & Brown
$8.95 Each
Tea Towels
Shot Glasses
Available in seven designs:
Discovery Centre, Koala, Wrens (white), Wrens (beige), Frogs, Country Australia & Caravanners Creed
$9.95 Each
Available in two designs:
Kangaroo & Frogs
$5.95 Each
Available in three designs:
(All with Balranald on tht inside lip)
Kangaroo $12.95 Each
Frogs Downunder $9.95 Each
Frog Novelty Mug $8.95 Each
Available in two designs:
Pyramid (with pen holder on back) $9.95
Square $7.95
Bell Frog
Gel Magnets
We have a hat badge and keyring with our Southern Bell Frog on them.
Hat Badge: $6.95
​Keyring $9.95
Available in Round and Heart Shape.
​$4.50 Each
Available in two designs:
Gel Heart (frogs) 
$5.95 Each
Available in Round and Rectangle Shape.
​$2.95 Each
Cloth Badge
Available in four colours:
Blue, Purple, Pink & Green
​$2.50 Each

$6.95 Each
Balranald Magnets
Available in 2 designs:
Round - Frogs
$2.95 Each
Rectangle - Various designs
including 3 x Mungo
3 x Yanga
Southern Bell Frog
Murrumbidgee River
Discovery Centre
Caravan Park
Homebush Hotel
Kyalite Hotel
​& more
$4.00 Each

Available in three designs:
Murrumbidgee River
​$6.95 Each
We also have a large range of postcards available
$1.50 Each
Frog Pens
Calico Bags

$5.95 Each

$5.00 Each
Independence Studios
Oddball Pty Ltd
Cool Its $5.95 each
(Kangaroo & Koala)
Slap Bands $5.95 Each
(Kangaroo & Koala)
Pocket Hotty $5.95 Each
Aussie Collection Erasers
$3.95 Each
Aussie Toast Stamps
Aussie Cookie Cutter
Who Let the Frogs Out
Koala Body Massager
$7.95 Each
TNW Australia
Knick Knacks
Head Massager $7.95
Gardeners First Aid Kit $5.95
Telescopic Back Scratcher $6.95
Ten in One Survival Tool $6.95
8 in 1 Screwdriver $7.95
Magnetic Flat Torch $2.95

Wooden Garden Magnifiers
(Frog & Lady Bird) $5.95 Each
Stretch Frogs $2.95 Each
Sticky Frogs (various colours)
$1.95 Each
Stretch Lizards $4.95
(Independence Studios)

Wind up Flippin Pets
Cute Frog Fans
Available: Monkey, Rabbit, Dog, Kangaroo & Frog
​$3.95 each

Available: Pink, Green & Blue
​$2.95 Each 

Assorted Magnets
More Magnets
Australia (Set of 3) $5.95 Each
Multi Coloured Lizard
$3.95 Each
Glass Wren $3.95 Each
Dot Magnets $5.95 Each
(Lizard & Frog)
Rainforest frog Magnet
$3.95 Each

Ceramic Bird Magnets
Available in 3 Designs
​$3.95 Each

We always have a range of confectionary items available.
At the moment we have:
Allens Red Frogs - 10c each, available in $1, $2, $3, $5 bags or any amount you choose.
Allens Kool Fruits $3.75 per bag
Fruit Tingles $1.95 Each
Butter Menthols $2.50 each