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The Murrumbidgee, Murray, Wakool, Edward and Lachlan Rivers make up the Five Rivers that meander within and converge within the Balranald Shire and are all on Balranald’s doorstep.
This is a “bucket list” spot for keen anglers and water sport lovers or those that like to just sit beside some of Australia’s most iconic rivers.

The Murrumbidgee River
The Murrumbidgee River is a major tributary of the Murray River within the Murray–Darling basin and the second longest river in Australia. It flows through the Australian state of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. It descends 1,500 metres (4,900 ft) as it flows 900 kilometres (559 mi) in a west-northwesterly direction from the foot of Peppercorn Hill in the Fiery Range of the Snowy Mountains towards its confluence with the Murray River near Boundary Bend.  Within the Balranald Shire the Murrumbidgee flows through Balranald.

The Murray River
The Murray is the third longest navigable river in the world, after the Amazon and Nile
Total length - 2520 kilometres from its source in the Upper Murray. The Murray has the worlds largest redgum forest and ibis rookery on its banks. The Murray has the worlds largest redgum forest and ibis rookery on its banks. 
Within Balranald Shire, the Murray River converges with the Wakool River and then with the Murrumbidgee River further downstream, and flows through Euston.

The Wakool River
The Wakool River is an anabranch of the Edward River that is part of the Murray River catchment within the Murray-Darling basin, is located in the western Riverina region of south western New South Wales, Australia. The Wakool River splits from the Edward River (itself an anabranch of the Murray) near Deniliquin, and flows generally to the west, southwest, northwest, and then west, joined by eleven minor tributaries, including the Niemur River. The Wakool is rejoined by the Edward River at Kyalite, not far from where it runs back into the main channel of the Murray, at Wakool Junction.  Within the Balranald Shire the Wakool runs through Kyalite

The Edward River
The Edward River is an anabranch of the Murray River and part of the Murray-Darling basin, is located in the western Riverina region of south western New South Wales, Australia. The river rises at Picnic Point east of Mathoura, as a result of the bottleneck created in the Murray by the Cadell fault, flowing generally north through river red gum forest and reaching Deniliquin, and then flowing generally west, through Moulamein, joined by six minor tributaries, before reaching its confluence with the Wakool River and re-entering the Murray at Wakool Junction, at Kyalite.  Within the Balranald Shire, the Edwards converges with the Wakool River at Kyalite.

The Lachlan River
The Lachlan River is an intermittent river that is part of the Murrumbidgee catchment within the Murray–Darling basin, located in the Southern Tablelands, Central West, and Riverina regions of New South Wales, Australia. The Lachlan River is connected to the Murray Darling basin only when both the Lachlan and Murrumbidgee Rivers are in flood. It is the only river in New South Wales with significant wetlands along its length, rather than just towards its end, including Lake Cowal-Wilbertroy, Lake Cargelligo and Lake Brewster, and nine wetlands of national significance.
The Murrumbidgee River at Balranald
The Murray River at Euston
The Wakool/Edward Rivers at Kyalite
The Lachlan River at Oxley


The 5 Rivers Fishing Trail

The Murrumbidgee at Balranald
Balranald has easy access to the Murrumbidgee River for the boating fraternity with two sealed boat ramps and trailer parking. Land based anglers can also enjoy the great fishing from the banks.

Anglers who achieve success in this part of the river can thank the dedicated efforts of the local angling club, which has put more than 100,000 native fish into the river. This proactive approach helps maintain the fish populations until nature provides the vital floods needed to improve numbers naturally.

Near Balranald the river has been slowed by irrigation infrastructure, and every fallen tree and log has fish-holding potential. In this part of the river there are some big Murray Cod and Yellow Belly waiting to ambush your lures or suck in a big bardi grub. Beyond Balranald, The Murrumbidgee snakes 170kms through Yanga National Park and provides an abundance of natural fishing spots.

The Murray at Euston
At Euston, 80km west of Balranald, the mighty Murray River flows. Lock Weir 15, just downstream from Euston, creates a very wide river upstream that provides an excellent water playground.

The river can be accessed by a number of boat ramps detailed on the Five Rivers Fishing Trail Map.
The water is predominantly deep with rock bars and old snags providing cover for a good number of large Murray Cod. Nearby, Lake Benanee which fills from the Murray River is a popular fishing and camping spot.

The Wakool & Edward Rivers at Kyalite
Kyalite, 36kms south of Balranald enjoys a reputation for the best Murray Cod waters in Australia. There is easy launching into the Wakool River from the sealed boat ramp and a fifteen minute journey upstream will place you at the mouth of the Edward River.

The Lachlan River at Oxley
Oxley, 90kms north of Balranald is situated on the Lachlan River. While there is no boat ramp access to the river, it is an ideal spot to test your land based fishing skills. In dry times the river will stop flowing at Oxley, so check on conditions before you head out.

Whether you chase Murray Cod, Yellow belly, Perch or Redfin, fishing the Five Rivers Fishing Trail will have you telling plenty of fishing tales. The Five Rivers Fishing Trail map provides an easy reference to all the best spots and can be picked up from the Visitor Information Centre.

Rebank Weir

Location:  From Balranald take the Balranald-Ivanhoe Road and drive just under 60km north of Balranald. Then turn right at the Oxley Road just after the Homebush Hotel. Then turn onto the Redbank Weir Road till you reach the Redbank Weir carpark.
Phone: Visitor Information Centre:  1800 444 043 or
03 50201599         

Redbank Weir on the Murrumbidgee River. The weir is on the river upstream of Balranald and is in the heart of the Lower Murrumbidgee wetlands.

EustonWeir & Lock 15

Location:  Weir Road off Pethard Road, Robinvale/Euston

The Euston Lock & Weir 15 is a fascinating insight into an aspect of the Murray River.

BBQ facilities, shelter, lawned area and an amenities block ensure that you can take your time to admire the view from the height of the hill and learn about this important construction from the staff that may be on site. (For those that might not know it, a lock is for boats to be able to navigate up and down stream, and a weir is a holding area for water.)
Construction of the Weir commenced in 1932 and was completed in 1936.

The weir pool itself stretches back 60 kilometres to Meilman East. In 1987 the original timber barricades were replaced with steel and gates were added, and the operation changed from a manual to hydraulic one.
32,000 mega litres of water flows through this system daily. (A mega litre is one million litres of water.)

Originally the lock and weir was constructed for navigation of river cargo, but nowadays its main importance is for irrigation and recreation.

Balranald Swing Bridge

Location:  Court Street, Balranald

From Court Street, cross the swing bridge over the Murrumbidgee River and follow the 2.4km track along the Murrumbidgee River. Keep an eye out for Yellow Rosellas, kookaburras and the occasional echidna, not forgetting kangaroos and emus.

Balranald Low Level Weir

Location:  6km West of Balranald - Then turn off from the main road for 4 km

The low-level weir across the Murrumbidgee downstream is 6 km west of Balranald off the Sturt Highway. This weir, on the Murrumbidgee, is designed to create a pool in the river to maintain a regular supply of irrigation and town water. 
The weir incorporates the latest version of fish ladder so native fish can complete the migration essential to successful spawning.
The turn-off to the weir is 6 kilometres from town and is at the end of a 4 kilometre gravel road. Nearby is a grassed picnic area with barbecues and tap water. The Low Level Weir, is another popular local fishing spot.

The Bend - Balranald

Location:  At the end of We Street, Balranald

The Bend’ at the end of We St, Balranald. This popular fishing spot is easily accessible on foot. Or, for a different perspective launch a boat from the ramp near the bridge.

The Bend also has shady parking spots, picnic tables and toilets.

EVENTS - Celebrating our iconic Rivers

The 5 Rivers Outback Festival

Location:  Various locations throughout the Balranald township.
When:  3rd Weekend in October each year
Contact:  Contact the Festival Coordinator on                0417 014 460 or email  and the Festival Website at  

The 5 Rivers Outback Festival is staged on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River at the Balranald Caravan Park grounds.  The Festival celebrates Balranald's connection with Water, Wool, Wood and Wheat and all that is wonderful about living in a rural and outback NSW community.

The 5 Rivers Outback Festival provides a valuable platform to showcase Balranald Shire’s many attractions including the Shire’s stunning natural wonders, which boasts five rivers, majestic River Red Gum forests and two spectacular National Parks (Mungo & Yanga).

Balranald is a small town with a big heart! Locals work tirelessly volunteering their time to stage the town’s fantastic festival every year on the second weekend in October.

The Festival's popularity rises each year and brings the community together.  Visitors love to participate in the community spirit and many visitors book there stay a year in advance to attend the festival.

The Festival's program is jam paced with unique events, local talent and great entertainment!

Past performers at the Festival have included:

  • Wendy Matthews
  • Joe Camilleri & the Black Sorrows
  • Amber Joy Poulton
  • Paul Costa
  • Paul D'Auraugo & Band
  • Thirsty Merc

The Robinvale Euston 80 Ski Race

Location:  On the Murray River in Robinvale & Euston - Mclennan Drive Robinvale
When: Labour Day Long Weekend in March each year
Contact:  Robinvale Euston Visitor Information Centre 
03 5026 1388 

Ski Racing Victoria is the state body responsible for hosting water ski racing events in Victoria, Australia. SRV hold a Point Score Series on several lakes throughout Victoria.
The Robinvale/Euston Ski Race Classic held on the Mighty Murray River is SRV's premier race held in March each year.


  • ​​Find a great camping spot on any of the 5 Rivers (contact the Balranald Visitor Information Centre for the best spots) and fish, boat, canoe, kyak or just chill!

  • Grab some bait, a fishing licence and a Five Rivers Fishing map and take on the Five Rivers Challenge!

  • To start your Challenge head north to try your luck in the Murrumbidgee and Lachlan Rivers.

  • There are plenty of spots to choose from including Redbank Weir on the Murrumbidgee River. Just under 60km north of Balranald, you’ll find barbecues, picnic tables and public toilets on site.

  • If the Lachlan River is running, head to the tiny township of Oxley to tempt the Murray Cod.

  • Follow the Sturt Highway 6km west to the Low Level Weir, another local fishing spot popular for fishing by the locals

  • ‘The Bend’ at the end of We St, Balranald. This popular fishing spot is easily accessible on foot. Or, for a different perspective launch a boat from the ramp near the bridge.

  • Next on the Five Rivers Challenge list is to head towards the Edward, Wakool and Murray Rivers.

  • Head south 37km and stop off at the Kyalite Hotel for some local fishing insight (and supplies) before heading to your chosen fishing spot on the Edward or Wakool Rivers.

  • Enjoy the scenery and test your fishing skills before heading back to town for a hearty lunch.

  • At Euston (80km west on the Sturt Highway) you will find the mighty Murray River. On the way, stop off at Lake Benanee. When full, Lake Benanee covers an area of about 750 hectares. Enjoy a picnic on the beach, make use of the public amenities and await that first nibble.

  • Finish the Five Rivers Challenge on the banks of the Murray River at Euston then call into the pub or club and share your fishing tales with a few of the locals.

  • If you visit Balranald around March participate in the Murrumbidgee Fishing Classic

  • If you visit Balrand around the 2nd weekend of October, make sure you join the fun for the 5 Rivers Outback early!

For more information about the range of Things to Do around the Five Rivers, contact the Balranald Visitor Information Centre on 1800 444 043 or 03 50201599

Balranald Visitor Information Centre

Balranald Visitor Information Centre

Phone:     1800 444 043 or 03 50201599

Address:  Balranald Discovery Centre
​                83 Market Street, Balranald